fiftytwo showroom


Photos: Davim Kim

Photos: Davim Kim

In July of 2004, designer and entrepreneur Ana Lerario launched Fiftytwo Showroom with a new concept in the market. Ana's idea was to have a space where the designers could be fully represented, not only by the product they make, but also by the concept behind each brand. Having experienced both sides of the fashion spectrum, Ana managed to create an environment where collections can be sold with a designer's mind, knowing that there is more to the wholesale business than just numbers.

Fiftytwo believes that the art and passion put into the creative process is what sustains the brand in the long run. This is why since its inception, the showroom has been known as a creative house, where designers and other professionals in the fashion business are encouraged to frequently gather, sharing ideas and exchanging information. Having experienced great growth ever since the first season, Fiftytwo followed the natural path of most successful companies, and decided to add a partner to the already well-established business. So in 2008, Cotia (USA) Ltd came onboard as a shareholder and business partner, adding a strong fashion background and financial strength to the business.

Ever since opening its doors, the Showroom has been gaining recognition among the most prestigious retailers and members of the press, for the professionalism of the sales staff and the quality of the lines represented. Fiftytwo is currently housing womenswear, menswear, swimwear, jewelry and accessories collections. Buyers and editors have made a visit to Fiftytwo an important part of their fashion calendar, making Fiftytwo Showroom one of the most reputable wholesale showrooms in NYC.